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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 29, 2012

Don’t Drink and Fly: Yet Another In-Flight Freakout Aboard

Don’t Drink and Fly: Yet Another In-Flight Freakout Aboard

Photo: Peggy S. Albedhady-Sanchez attacked flight attendants en route to Florida

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Some people are not good flyers. Some need a drink (or maybe a Xanax) to calm their nerves. And then there are people like Peggy S. Albedhady-Sanchez who get drunk and try to take out the flight attendants.

On a two-hour flight from Charlotte, NC to Fort Myers, FL, 50-year-old Albedhady-Sanchez of Union City, New Jersey needed a bit of “liquid courage” to get through the trip.

She reportedly mentioned before the flight that she was nervous, but did not give immediate indication that she was going to be a problem passenger. However, about half way through the flight, Albedhady-Sanchez began yelling at a flight attendant who would not serve her alcohol. She quickly became unruly and other attendants attempted to intervene.

A Lee County Florida sheriff’s deputy happened to be traveling as one of the plane’s 135 passengers and helped the crew restrain her, but not before she slapped a male attendant in the face, spit on the face of another, grabbed a female flight attendant, kicked another male attendant in the groin, and damaged part of the aircraft.

Even after she was restrained, Albedhady-Sanchez did not calm down and managed to break an armrest by kicking it.

The plane continued to its Florida destination and Albedhady-Sanchez was arrested by airport police in Fort Myer. She was charged with three counts of battery and one count of interfering with an aircraft.

Albedhady-Sanchez in-flight breakdown have been caused by immense stress as her son Alex Velazquez said she was having marital problems and was grieving over the death of her mother. She was reportedly on her way to Florida to stay with two of her other sons.

This flight freakout came just hours after a JetBlue pilot had to be restrained during a flight from New York to Las Vegas after he started screaming about terrorists bringing the plane down.