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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Don Francisco Ordered by Chilean Court to Submit to DNA Paternity Test

Following a three hour hearing, the first one in the paternity lawsuit against TV personalty Mario Kreutzberger (better known as Don Francisco), the TV show man was ordered to undergo DNA tests, to determine whether or not he is the biological father of 43 years old Patricio Flores Mundaca.

The hearing presided by judge Gloria Negroni started at 11:00 am where the plaintiff and his lawyers Boris Paredes and Santiago Montenegro heard the judge cite the implications of the lawsuit.  Don Francisco was not present at the hearing, and sent his lawyer Verónica Waissbluth, who will represent him in any future court dates in the case.

Both parties left the court room without giving any declarations.  A second hearing date has not yet been set, but it is expected to be in the month of March, when Waissbluth must bring a DNA paternity test on Kreutzberger.

Don Francisco was not available to comment, but it’s very clear that he is not pleased and he is already throwing wrenches at the judge’s decision:

Sara Gatica, a representative for SML, the company that will carry out the DNA test, said the following:

“The process takes about two months; between taking the sample, doing the analysis, putting together the paperwork, and finally delivering the results”

Right.  That’s weird, Don Francisco, because The Genetic Testing Laboratories can do it in three to five days, and TV noticias here, says that SML tests are no longer practiced in Santiago, but in Concepcion, and if once the service took 4 months (as it says in the SML website) nowadays results will be back in as little as 20 days.

Nice try Don Francisco, but you don’t fool us.

Patricio Flores presented the lawsuit in October of 2010, after allegedly trying for months and several different ways to get in contact with the TV personality to sort the issue behind the public eye and was reportedly shut down and mistreated by Don Francisco and his representatives.