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Latino Daily News

Monday November 7, 2011

Dominican Students Stage Their Own #Occupy to Demand Quality Education

Dominican Students Stage Their Own #Occupy to Demand Quality Education

Photo: Occupy Movement in Dominican School

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A group of 25 young people calling themselves Los Libertarios occupied the Liceo Republica de Argentina on Calle las Mercedes in the Colonial Zone on Sunday evening demanding the government comply with the 4% of GDP stipulated in the Education Law.

The protesters took over the building and 25 of them spent the evening there. At 7:30pm two spokespersons for the group, who did not give their names, read a manifesto for the respect of the rights of Dominicans on the occasion of the 167th anniversary of the Dominican Constitution. They explained that the peaceful and symbolic takeover of the Escuela Argentina sought to call the attention and denounce the illegality imposed from the state that creates uncertainty in the population and juridical insecurity.

“We advocate for an improvement in the quality of education backed by the dignity of the teaching profession, training and better wage conditions,” declared the group. They demanded that the government fulfill Art. 197 of the General Law of Education 66-97 that grants 4% of the GDP or 16% of the National Budget to Education. They also appealed for the refurbishment of the school they had taken over.