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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 17, 2012

Dominican Schools Will Accept Undocumented Foreign Students

Dominican Schools Will Accept Undocumented Foreign Students

Photo: Dominican Republic Schools to Accept Undocumented

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In Santo Domingo this week, the Ministry of Education along with the Department of Migration agreed to continue accepting foreign undocumented students for an indefinite period of time.  Yet, the Bono Center believes that this decision demonstrates strongly the need for the country to accept a more defined immigration policy.

At the end of the meeting, the leaders announced the creation of a fund to aid the undocumented students.  It is estimated that each undocumented student will cost roughly RD $1,200.  According to official statistics, there are currently 54,808 foreign students.  Of these students, 33,000 are Haitian while 24,000 are undocumented.  The head of Migration, José Ricardo Taveras did not specify if the widely criticized Circular 7475 law would soon be revoked. 

Roque Féliz, a subdirector of the Bono Center, stated that this decision is not simply a means for children to gain access to the school system, but a way to synchronize a regulatory plan between the Departments of Migration and Education giving status to many people that will serve this country for possibly many years in the future. 

Taveras, extremely aware of the criticism these decisions are creating, stated, “I understand the criteria in which they have crucified us lately, but I hope that everyone that is criticizing the government also understands that if we don’t implement politics of this type the human rights of these young people will also be violated.”