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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 28, 2010

Dominican Republic Sends 1500 Force to Haiti Border to Protect from Cholera

The Dominican Republic has decided to deploy significant military resources to its border with Haiti.  “With cholera we can not play, or ignore the risks despite all measures of disease control, we are not fully shielded from the face of this threat,” said a government official.

With only 4 confirmed cases of cholera in the Dominican Republic, officials are taking no chances with the disease that has already killed more than 2000 in Haiti. “We must implement the government decision to close or reinforce the most vulnerable points of the border, where Haitians or other foreigners, healthy or sick can seep, we will suspend if necessary, the binational market, even if it means significant economic losses to both countries” said the army chief.

1500 members of the army and hundreds of professionals and public health workers have been deployed to the most vulnerable sections of the border with Haiti. They are prepared to send more personnel if necessary to halt the spread of Cholera.

This week dozens of Haitians who tried to cross the border, were caught by soldiers guarding the paths and roads in mountainous and forested areas, between the provinces of Elias Piña and Dajabón.
The commander of the Third Brigade, Gen. Jesus Gomez Frias Milton said that all roads are monitored, and that random checks are conducted in small communities and agricultural areas to detect illegal immigrants.

The Dominican Navy patrol 24/7 in the bays of Manzanillo to Cabo Rojo to prevent the illegal entry of persons by sea.

The Haitian government, meanwhile, closed its border with the Dominican Republic, on Saturday, 24 hours before the election. On the Haitian side, Military staff of Minustah, responsible for border surveillance, was doubled in anticipation of problems that can arise before, during and after today’s elections.