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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 6, 2011

Dominican Republic on High Alert for Disease Due to Continuous Rainfall

Dominican Republic on High Alert for Disease Due to Continuous Rainfall

Photo: Rain onslaught in Dominican Republic

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The Ministry of Public Health has once more ordered a maximum alert for the Dominican Republic and its National Epidemiological System in response to the increased rainfall that is affecting the entire country, which up to yesterday had caused the displacement of 45 people and cut off one area.

Diario Libre says that the Health authorities are trying to prevent the appearance and spread of contagious diseases. The Minister of Public Health, Bautista Rojas Gomez, said that the measure would be kept in place as long as the atmospheric conditions caused by the low-pressure trough are affecting the weather over the island of Hispaniola. “We have issued instructions to be on the highest alert in order to deal with any eventuality and prevent the occurrence of diseases and deaths due to lack of adequate prevention,” he said in a press release.

He said that the Regional Services and the Provincial Health Boards were concentrating their efforts on this preventive work and were watching out for any other health issues that might appear in each of their areas of responsibility.

Rojas Gomez said that the conditions are present for an increase in diseases due to the rainy season, factors that combine with other deficiencies, such as an inadequate garbage collection system, the existence of many empty lots with objects that collect water and the storage of water in homes.