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Latino Daily News

Monday January 16, 2012

Dominican Mother and Daughter Amongst Those Rescued in Capsized Cruise Ship

Dominican Mother and Daughter Amongst Those Rescued in Capsized Cruise Ship

Photo: Costa Cruise Ship Sinks

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Dominican Republic passengers Raysa Otanez and Rayrub Torres are enroute to their home country after surviving the capsizing of the Costa Concorida cruise ship.

The mother and daughter are returning to Santo Domingo tomorrow from Italy and have according to reports already given their account of what happened on Friday night.  The two women were on the Costa Concordia having dinner on board when they heard a horrible noise.  The duo say cruise ship personnel first discounted the noise as not being important.  Nonetheless they both decided to go up toward the upper regions of the ship to play it safe - they were some of the first passengers to exit the sinking Concordia.

It is believed the cruise ship hit rocks near the Italian island of Giglio on Friday night, leaving 6 dead thus far, with 16 of the 4,220 passengers unaccounted for.  The captain, Francesco Schettino, has been arrested for abandoning ship and while an investigation as to what happened occurs. 

The mother and daughter had been holidaying in Spain and boarded the ship in Barcelona.

Other sources are also reporting that were two other unidentified Dominicans on the ship, one of which is credited with saving lives on a overcrowded lifeboat - these reports remain unconfirmed.