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Latino Daily News

Friday August 26, 2011

Domestic Help Gone Bad:  Latina Nanny Kidnaps Baby After Getting Fired

Domestic Help Gone Bad:  Latina Nanny Kidnaps Baby After Getting Fired

Photo: Nanny Gloria Suarez Kidnaps Baby After Getting Fired

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This story is so convoluted and crazy that it has to be true and it is for sure going to be a TruTV special.  The Hayempour Family of Long Island, the proud parents of 11 kids, never thought that firing their mild manner summer nanny would result in a kidnapping situation.

Clearly Gloria Suarez took the news so bad that she not only kidnapped one of the Hayempour children she snapped and convinced herself the child should be hers since they have “so many children that they just don’t have time for the baby.”

The 55-year Latina nanny got fired on Monday but was allowed to stay in the Long Island family house until Wednesday, claiming she couldn’t get back into her home until then.  While at the family home she concocted her plan and brought supplies to take the two-year old baby girl out of the country and into Uruguay.

On her last day at the home Suarez changed the baby girl into boys clothes and was walking down the street with her when her dad, a rabbi, spotted her and inquired where they were going.  Suarez noted they were running errands but instead got on a train with the child. 

The parents quickly realized Suarez left the home without the mother’s permission, and authorities were called instantly.  Suarez was located at the train station and put up a fight when asked to hand over the child.

She faces kidnapping, resisting arrest and child endangerment charges.