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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 10, 2014

Doctors Treat Spanish Priest with Ebola with Experimental Serum

Doctors Treat Spanish Priest with Ebola with Experimental Serum

Photo: Fr. Miguel Pajares

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The Spanish missionary infected with Ebola and admitted to a hospital in Madrid is being treated with the experimental serum ZMapp, also used in the United States for patients with the hemorrhagic virus.

ZMapp was imported from Geneva with the authorization of the Spanish Health Ministry to be administered to Fr. Miguel Pajares, 75, who was repatriated on Thursday from Liberia.

Doctors caring for the priest at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid, a leading institution in the treatment of tropical and infectious diseases, are therefore permitted to give him the serum, used in the United States to treat U.S. missionaries Nancy Writebol and Kent Brantly, also repatriated from Liberia. Both have seen their condition improve after being given ZMapp.

For its part, the family of Fr. Miguel Pajares confirmed that he remains in stable condition and without hemorrhaging.

According to the priest’s brother, Emilio Pajares, the news is “calming” because the religious no longer has a fever and has not suffered any hemorrhaging, one of the principal risks of the virus, so that his condition offers hope for recovery.

Joining the 75-year-old priest in isolation at the Madrid hospital is Sister Juliana Bohi, a Spanish national who was working in Liberia as a missionary.

While both tested positive for the presence of the Ebola virus, Bohi has yet to show any symptoms of the illness that has claimed 932 lives in West Africa since the current outbreak began in March.


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