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Latino Daily News

Monday January 23, 2012

Do Shakira and Pique Have a Sex Tape?

Do Shakira and Pique Have a Sex Tape?

Photo: A former staffer for Shakira reportedly has a sex tape of the couple

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Rumors are flying that Colombian singer Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique are not only engaged, but also have a sex tape and that it could be released at any time.

Spanish-language sources have stated that a former staffer for Shakira videotaped the singer performing oral sex on her FC Barcelona footballer Pique.

The couple have reportedly been made aware of the alleged video and are being blackmailed to avoid it being put online.

If the video indeed exists, which Shakira’s people have questioned, it could be the greatest invasion of their privacy they’ve had to encounter thus far.

The famous couple are often pursued by pushy paparazzi, with some having taken photos of them inside a Barcelona hotel, in which a photographer managed to snap a shot of a naked Pique.

The video is said to be just a minute and a half long, but if the staff member really does have it, 90 seconds is more than enough time to disrupt their lives.