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Monday July 4, 2011

Discovery Familia Brings Kids the Best of Summertime Fun With Special Episodes of Hi-5

Discovery Familia Brings Kids the Best of Summertime Fun With Special Episodes of Hi-5

Photo: Discovery Familia

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Discovery Familia heats up the summer with special episodes of Hi-5, the network’s classic series that will transport children to a summer filled of adventures. Providing a positive and healthy learning environment, this specially-prepared summer segment begins airing on July 11 from Monday through Friday at 12:30 PM ET/ 9:30 AM PT (the series will continue throughout the year in this same time slot once the special programming has concluded).

Each of the summer episodes will offer kids a world of fun learning escapes based on music, dynamic and playful interactivity, body movements, storytelling and vocabulary/language. Together, along with the show’s lively hosts Casey, Fely, Lauren, Stevie and Tim, kids will make amazing discoveries as they explore the world that surrounds them. 

Created for preschool-aged children, Hi-5 offers important educational lessons that contribute to a child’s individual learning and development including: 

Language and music
Social and emotional skills
Visual, mathematical, spatial concepts
Cooperation and team work
Social responsibility

Following are descriptions of some of the special summertime episodes of Hi-5:
Episode 1 – Monday, July 11: Stevie acts as a guardian for Africa. He hides inside a tree trunk and is on the lookout as he counts the many animals that visit the watering hole.  Fely is also on a similar mission inside a giant rock.

Episode 2 – Tuesday, July 12: The children play with paper dolls, practicing manners and how to make friends. All participate in activities that stimulate relationship and communication building skills.

Episode 3 – Wednesday, July 13: Fely and the children find themselves in a beautiful coral garden where they play and explore in this underwater world as they represent the creatures that inhabit it. They sing and dance the shark dance and help the mermaids fashion clothing made of seaweed. 

Episode 4
– Thursday, July 14: Chats makes a list of her favorite adventures and together with Casey they decide on their next one. Tim is a train and Fely prepares for her first airplane flight.

Episode 5 – Friday, July 15: Casey and Chats travel by a magic gondola, Lauren learns how to eat with sticks, Stevie creates a tropical island and Lauren composes a song, while Tim tries to entertain Fely and Casey on their way to the beach.

Hi-5 is a production of Kids Like Us and Nine Films & Television. The critically-acclaimed show is produced by award-winning producers Helena Harris, the creator of “Bananas in Pyjamas” and Posie Graeme-Evans, who has also produced hundreds of hours of quality children’s television content.