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Latino Daily News

Friday August 19, 2011

Dilma Rousseff’s Government Looses Fourth Minister in 72 Days

Dilma Rousseff’s Government Looses Fourth Minister in 72 Days

Photo: Brazilian Ministers Forced to Resign

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Agriculture Minister Wagner Rossi quit amid a corruption scandal, same as Transportation and Justice ministers, and earlier in the summer Brazil’s chief of staff also resigned.

Wagner Rossi presented his resignation effective immediately following a meeting with Rousseff to discuss press allegations saying Rossi had accepted bribes and free airfare from agricultural companies.

Rousseff has demonstrated a far tougher stance toward these kind of behavior than her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula; earlier this summer she asked Transportation Minister Alfredo Nascimento to resign and dismissed his cabinet after allegations surfaced that the ministry was overcharging for public works and when rumors of bribe taking surfaced.

Antonio Palocci, former Chief of Staff and main political adviser for Rouseff was also forced to resign when it was revealed that his personal assets had multiplied twenty fold during his days as federal deputy, between 2007 and 2010.

Minister of Defence, Nelson Jobim was also asked to resign this summer, not due to accusations of corruption, but due to “internal government affairs” that could be related to comments given by Jobim to Piauí magazine about Chief of Staff Gleisi Hoffman, and Minister of Institutional Relations Ideli Salvati.

While Rousseff’s image as a transparent leader and heavy handed corruption fighter consolidates and grows stronger, any wave of forced resignations makes people and politicians uneasy, particularly when most of these flush-outs share a political party; many wonder when the next “resignation” will come, and whether the Rousseff administration might have stepped into unstable territory.