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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 6, 2011

Diego Luna: “We Mexicans, Are in the Middle of a War”

Diego Luna: “We Mexicans, Are in the Middle of a War”

Photo: Diego Luna

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Monday, celebrated actor Diego Luna, along with Gael García Bernal, attended the premiere of “Miss Bala”, produced by their Canana Films production company.

During the red carpet event, the pair said the film invites audiences to reflect to what extent the things they do have an impact on the place they are, and to wonder every day where they are, and where they would like to be.

Luna said that taking the initiative to do something to fix the current situation in México, and put an end to the violence that has left 40,000 dead since 2006, is the responsibility of everyone.  Actor Diego Luna, said Mexicans have been wanting to think it didn’t affect them, but today, war is reality.

“These last few weeks we have been particularly difficult, we have a pain in our gut, a visceral pain,” said Garcia Bernal after Luna commented on the difficult and precarious current situation of violence in the Mexican nation.

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