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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 22, 2014

Diego Luna Denounces Homophobic Slurs at Soccer Matches

Diego Luna Denounces Homophobic Slurs at Soccer Matches

Photo: Diego Luna

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Mexican actor and producer Diego Luna says it is regrettable that homophobic terms like “putt,” a common cry heard at Mexico’s soccer stadiums, are used to insult players during the games.

The word “putt” in Mexico is a derogatory term for gays.

“I went to the (2006) World Cup in Germany and I did hear” that cry, the actor said.

He added that “I never joined in, it wasn’t something I could be proud of.”

Luna was asked in an interview on MVS radio about the fact that some Mexican soccer fans yelled “puto” at the goalkeepers of Cameroon and Brazil during Mexico’s first two round-robin matches at this year’s World Cup, currently being contested in the South American country.

The actor said that “soccer is a reflection of what we are in many ways,” adding that “we live in a classist, racist, homophobic society into which we are very assimilated, that’s all. I’m not really proud about that.”

FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, opened Thursday a “disciplinary inquiry” into the cries of Mexican fans in those two games, which were captured on several videos.

For his part, Mexican national team coach Miguel Herrera gave little importance to what the fans were yelling.

“We have nothing to say, we’re with the fans. They do it to put pressure on the other team’s goalkeeper - I don’t think it’s that serious,” Herrera told a press conference.

According to FIFA statutes, discrimination against any country, individual or group for their race, skin color, ethnic origin, nationality, sex, language, religion or other factors is prohibited, and that goes for the fans as well.


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