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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 15, 2011

Diego Luna, Another Mexican Star With a Busy 2011 Schedule

Diego Luna, Another  Mexican Star  With a Busy 2011 Schedule

Photo: Mexican Film Actor/Director Diego Luna

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Mexican Actor Diego Luna is another Mexican start with a very busy 2011.  Last week we talked about Salma Hayek’s crazy 2011 well its looking like that for Diego Luna. 

He has just finished filming a project with Gael García Bernal and Will Ferrell shot entirely in Spanish, and with English subtitles. Beginning this March, the actor will be shooting “Contraband” with Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Kate Beckinsale.

“Contraband” will be shot on location in the city of New Orleans, and is about a security guard with financial problems, who considers a comeback to his smuggler days when an old partner offers him a potentially lucrative opportunity.

In addition to his roles for the big screen, Luna and his partner Gael Garcia Bernal’s production company “Canana Films” is developing the biopic of United Farm Workers leader César Chávez, which they optioned in March of last year. Oscar nominated screenwriter Keir Peason (Hotel Rwanda) will be writing the script.