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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 27, 2011

Did Miss Dominican Republic Pay to Win her Crown?

Did Miss Dominican Republic Pay to Win her Crown?

Photo: Dalia Fernandez, Miss Dominican Republic

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Some say its rough to be beautiful and the envy of others, but try being the New Miss Dominican Republic, Dalia Fernandez – who believes envy is destroying her win.

Several contestants from the beauty pageant, where the winner goes to Miss Universe 2011, are making claims Fernandez’ camp paid in excess of $100,000 to pageant officials in order to secure her the crown.  Contestant Gabriela Ferreiras, like others, commented that pageant officials were always with Fernandez, favoring her and going as far as dining with her.  The claims are unsubstantiated and all officials have denied any wrongdoing.

Things weren’t looking good for 21 year-old Dalia when she won in early March.  She was representing Santiago and the first finalist Katherine Cruz was representing Santo Dominigo and was the crowd favorite – poor Dalia was booed as she was being crowned.