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Sunday September 18, 2011

UPDATE: DNA Results Show Teen Claiming to be Missing Robbie Romero IS NOT

UPDATE: DNA Results Show Teen Claiming to be Missing Robbie Romero IS NOT

Photo: Robbie Romera disappeared in 2000, young man claiming to be him, IS NOT

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LATEST:  This weekend the DNA results came in disproving Robert Terrazas claim that he is the long missing Robbie Romero.  Santa Fe Police chief Raymond Rael confirmed what Terrazas mother and others were saying, that Terrazas is not the long lost 7 year old that went missing 11 years ago.  Family members of Terrazas apologized to the Romero family that might of gotten their hopes up and thought Romero had returned.

The police did not disclosed why Terrazas, who looked like Romero did as a child, would make such an outlandish claim.  Police noted that it doesn’t appear Terrazas has broken the law with his claim and says the missing case of Robbie Romero remains open.  The boys family included his mother are devastated to find out the teen was not their son and feel like they are being victimized again. 


The young man that may be Robbie Romero, who went missing at age 7 in 2000, is named Robert Terrazas.

Terrazas said his friends have called him Robbie Romero as a joke for years due to his resemblance to the missing child, whose photo was posted various places throughout Santa Fe.

Police Chief Raymond Rael said, “The individual is an adult at this time, the individual has committed no crimes we’re aware of, and we have absolutely no authority to detain the individual.” Adding, “We know where he is, and we know where we can find him.”

A DNA test is being processed for Terrazas, who left the station right after being swabbed, but his mother, Yolanda Almendariz, says he is her son, Robert Terrazas, and is not Romero.

Romero’s mother said she wants to know the truth, but is trying not to get her hopes up.

“In case it’s not Robbie, then we go back to Square One,” she told KOAT. “If it’s not, then maybe one day, it will be our time.”


In 2000, Robert Marcos Romero disappeared from his Santa Fe, New Mexico home. He was just seven years old. Now, more than 11 years later, a man claiming to be “little” Robbie has police wondering if he is in fact, the missing boy.

Police say the man entered a Santa Fe police station Wednesday, saying he was the missing Robbie Romero, and agreed to take a DNA test. The test was performed by the police and they said they did not know exactly when the results would be in.
When Robbie disappeared in June of 2000, police believed he had been abducted by a stranger. One month later his brother Ronnie was a suspect. He was questioned by police, lied to them, and failed a polygraph test. A woman claimed he had confessed to killing his brother by hitting him with a car, but police were unable to verify her statement.

ImageIn 2006, while Ronnie was in jail on other charges, he attempted to make a deal with the police, saying he would tell them the location of Robbie’s body if his current charges were dropped. No deal was ever made, but the police tore up the Romero’s yard anyway. They found nothing but animal bones.

Then in 2008, Ronnie died of a heroin overdose while in jail.

A body was never found and no one was ever charged in the Robbie Romero case.

Sadly, if the man that walked into the police station on Wednesday is indeed Robbie Romero, his father Rudy Romero Sr. will never get to welcome his son home, as Rudy died in October 2002 of natural causes.