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Friday February 24, 2012

Deported Father Receives Good News in Battle to be Reunited with U.S. Citizen Children

Deported Father Receives Good News in Battle to be Reunited with U.S. Citizen Children

Photo: Felipe Montes receives fights to be reunited with his sons

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A father who was deported to Mexico has a little more hope now after thousands of people signed a petition to slow the court case that could conceivably keep him from his children.

A petition was created on Valentine’s Day urging the Department of Social Services in Allegheny County in North Carolina to not permanently separate Felipe Montes from his three sons.

The more than 20,000 people who signed the petition, which is on Presente.org, insist that Montes be reunited with his children in either the U.S. or in Mexico.

Montes, was deported in 2011 and Allegheny County DSS began working to terminate his parental rights for his U.S. citizen children.

After tens of thousands of people signed the petition, the hearing to terminate Montes’ parental right, which was scheduled for Tuesday was postponed, giving the family more time.

Though postponing the hearing was a great feat, Colorlines reporter Seth Freed Wessler wrote:

We don’t yet know what the child welfare system will do when the hearing does occur, but the postponement is a sign that the media attention on the case interrupted the child welfare department’s plan to move the children toward adoption. The family is by no means in the clear and the Allegheny County could certainly still try to have Felipe’s parental rights terminated but for now, Montes is doing everything necessary so that his children can be reunified with him.

Watch Felipe Montes’ story below.

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