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Latino Daily News

Monday July 5, 2010

Dengue Outbreak Feared in Puerto Rico

The Health Secretary of Puerto Rico has announced a third death of dengue fever on the island.  Secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez Feliciano urged island residents to eliminate any potential breeding ground for the infectious mosquitoes, like standing pools of water and open drains.  He also recommended that islanders and visitors sleep under netting and wear bug repellent spray as an extra precaution.

The Puerto Rican government is spraying schools and public parks in an effort to diminish an outbreak.  The dengue virus grows stronger during times of intense, damp heat like those that can occur in July and August in Puerto Rico.  There is no vaccine for the dengue virus, once thought to be on the wane, and now making a come back in different strains.  Anyone traveling to the island is asked to check with government officials as to whether shots are necessary when visiting.


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