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Monday September 3, 2012

Democrats to Live-stream Convention in English and Spanish

Democrats to Live-stream Convention in English and Spanish

Photo: Democratic Convention to Stream Live

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As part of our effort to make the 2012 Democratic Convention the most open and accessible convention in history, the DNCC announced today that it will provide voters from across the country a new, innovative and unique opportunity to participate in convention programming – which will include user-generated content and the ability to interact with Convention attendees.

From gavel-to-gavel, the entire Convention will be livestreamed on DemConvention.com/live and through the Democratic National Convention Committee Mobile App, connecting viewers in every corner of the country with Convention delegates and speakers in real time.

The entire program will be streamed in Spanish simultaneously.

Millions of Americans will also be participating in more than 4,000 watch parties organized already in neighborhoods across the country. Some of these watch parties will be highlighted as part of Thursday night’s programming.

These efforts make this year’s convention the first in political history to include comprehensive livestream coverage.Image


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