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Latino Daily News

Friday December 31, 2010

Democrat and Republican View Point on Immigration ‘Almost Irreconcilable’ Lawmakers Say

As Congress gets ready to convene the 112th session next week, and in light of the bipartisan accomplishments of the lame duck session with ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and the Bush-era tax cuts, focus is now turning to finding common ground and bipartisan support for immigration reform. 

Unfortunately, there is none says senior Republican lawmakers.  Most Republicans see illegal immigrants as criminals while many Democrats want some form of amnesty and take a more lenient view of them.

Two Congressman on opposite sides of the issue recently appeared on CNN and presented how polar opposites Democrats and Republicans are on the issue:  Republican Joe Barton (Texas) said “We have that basic sticking point – the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration.” 

Where as Democratic Xavier Becerra (California) said its ‘simply unrealistic to round up and deport the millions of illegals already in the country.’ Though he does advocate to deporting those who have committed a crime.

All indicators are that the two political parties have ‘almost irreconcilable’ differences on the issue of immigration reform and therefore nothing will get done in 2011, though the President vowed to pursue the issue this year. 


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