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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 15, 2010

Democracia Ahora Launches ‘Ask Me 4 My Papers’ Campaign To Urge Immigration Reform

Democracia Ahora (D-Ahora) (http://www.democracia-ahora.org), a leading 501(c)(4) national Hispanic grassroots advocacy organization, announced the launch of its “Ask Me 4 My Papers” campaign, to highlight the discriminatory nature of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, put pressure on the Federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the law and to stop similar laws from being enacted in the 17 states where they are currently under consideration.

“This law has reduced the identity of Latinos in the US to immigration papers. But, green cards and birth certificates aren’t the only papers that define our community. When someone asks us for our papers, they should also expect to get other papers that show our contributions to the greatness of this country,” said Jorge Mursuli, President of Democracia Ahora. “No matter how you wordsmith the law, it will result in racial profiling and undue harassment for thousands of Hispanics in the state of Arizona and if this law is replicated in other states it will affect millions of Latinos.”

The organization is also hosting a “Declaration in Solidarity” for Arizonan’s that oppose SB 1070. The signatories of the Declaration, which challenges those who support the bill to “Ask Me 4 My Papers!” will receive a rubber wristband emblazoned with the words “Ask Me 4 My Papers.”  Democracia Ahora’s field teams are actively distributing 20,000 wristbands to elected officials and community leaders. The wristbands have been distributed to notable dignitaries including: Emilio Estefan, Jr., Henry Cisneros and Federico Pena. They are among the thousands of Americans sporting the wristband and promoting the campaign.


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