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Sunday June 23, 2013

Demi’s Father Patrick Lovato Has Passed Away

Demi’s Father Patrick Lovato Has Passed Away

Photo: Patrick Lovato with Dallas and Demi

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Demi Lovato’s older sister Dallas announced via Twitter that their father, Patrick Lovato, has passed away.  Few details surrounding the death of Lovato have been provided.  The death does explain why Lovato missed a photocall yesterday for the X-Factor where she is a judge.

Lovato was father to Demi and Dallas an actress and model.  The former musician and engineer divorced the girls mom, Dianna De La Garza in 1994 when Demi was two-years-old.

Demi and her sisters were estranged from their father who had been battling cancer recently.  There were several attempts at reconciliation and outreach from the senior Lovato.  In 2011 Lovato took to a gossip online site, Radar Online, pleading to see Demi saying ““I love her so much, and I just want her to call me.” “This is the only way I can talk to her, I try to reach her but it never works.”

“It is not like I want anything from her, all I want is her love,” he added. 

Demi in turn penned a song about her father and their strained relationship called “For the Love of a Daughter” which hinted at her father’s alcohol abuse.  In many interviews Demi refers to her step-father Eddie De La Garza as “Dad”.  Demi has a younger half-sister Madison De La Garza an actress who was seen in ‘Desperate Housewives’ and an older-half sister on her father’s side that she recently found out about – speaking for the first time to her last year.

It is not known whether Lovato saw his daughters before his death.