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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 28, 2012

Demian Bichir Lost the Oscar but Gets a ‘Corrido’ Ballad (Video)

Mexican actor Demian Bichir might have lost the Best Actor Oscar to a Frenchman but he got another honor, his own ‘corrido’ ballad.  Typically reserved for those on the other side of the law and not for those in front of the camera, a corrido tells the woes of ones life. 

This corrido is meant to honor Bichir’s role as the long-suffering, undocumented gardener, Carlos Galindo, in the movie ‘A Better Life’.  The corrido wishes for a better life for all Latinos working in the U.S. and hopes that Bichir serves as an example of what can be done with dedication and hard work, according to the YouTube video page.

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