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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Dell Releases First Spanish-language Laptop (VIDEO)

Dell has just launched what they say is the first Spanish-language laptop to be sold in the United States.

Friday, the Inspiron M5030 was released, and not only does it have a Spanish-language operating system, but it also has a Spanish-language keyboard. PC Magazine said the computer was “designed to give Spanish speakers a more familiar experience.”

Though targeted at the 50.5 million Hispanics living in the U.S., in their blog, Dell said the M5030 will only be released in limited quantities at BrandsMart USA shops in Florida and Georgia.

Gerald Zapata of Dell said, “The launch of the laptop stems from Dell’s commitment to listen to customers. By listening, we realized there was a need to develop a laptop that was 100 percent designed for Spanish speakers, affordable and available in the United States. The concept was to introduce a laptop that meets all of these needs and enables Spanish-speaking families to better communicate and keep in touch with relatives, share information and experience the ultimate in technology.”

Previously, anyone could configure a Windows or Apple operating system to operate in Spanish, so the biggest difference to this laptop is the keyboard, which includes a specific key for “ñ” (on an Apple it currently requires three key strokes).

Below is a walkthrough by Dell of the Spanish-language Inspiron M5030.

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