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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 9, 2011

Deceased Army Ranger, Roberto Sanchez, Image Used In Online Dating Scheme

24-year-old, Florida native, Roberto Sanchez was killed in Afghanistan on his fifth tour of duty in 2009.  His family has been grieving ever since and were slowly getting their life back in order when they were advised that a scam artist was using images of their deceased family member to seduce women he met online.

‘Dylan Sorvino’ used the memorial photos of the very handsome Sanchez, images with of him in uniform, and posted them on his Facebook.  His profile told of Sanchez as a law student who enlisted in the Army to fight the bad guys.

When Sorvino was confronted online by Sanchez’ army comrades, his Facebook page came down this last Thursday.  His Facebook page with the image of Sanchez would entice women into cyber-affairs and then promise to meet them and then disappear for an under cover military operation to be heard from again. 

Who the real ‘Dylan Sorvino’ is or if there is even a Dylan Sorvino is unknown.  Complaints have been filed with the FBI and Facebook but it is unclear if a crime has been committed.