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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 26, 2014

Deaths Caused by Flu Jump 322 Percent in One Week

Deaths Caused by Flu Jump 322 Percent in One Week

Photo: Health news

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Mexican health authorities said 103 people died of the flu in the week that ended Jan. 23, up 322 percent from the 32 fatalities reported between Jan. 1 and Jan. 16.

“There have been 135 (flu) deaths so far this year,” 123 of which have been caused by the AH1N1 virus, the Health Secretariat said in a statement Friday.

Between Jan. 1 and Jan. 23, Mexico’s National Epidemiological Surveillance System tallied 1,517 flu cases, which accounted for 18 percent of all cases of acute respiratory infection nationwide, the secretariat said.

The institution said that of the 135 fatalities this year, 123 deaths were attributable to the influenza A virus, subtype H1N1.

In 2009, Mexican authorities declared a public health emergency due to the AH1N1 virus.


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