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Latino Daily News

Monday May 7, 2012

Deadly Teen Party Shooting Leads to 11 Argentine Police Arrested

Deadly Teen Party Shooting Leads to 11 Argentine Police Arrested

Photo: Teen Killing in Mendoza, Argentina

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Eleven police officers were arrested in the Argentine province of Mendoza after a 19-year-old was shot to death during a party where the officers showed up because of noise complaints, local media reported Sunday.

Francisco Diaz, who lived in Chile and was on vacation in Argentina, died from a gunshot wound on Saturday morning during a party convened via Facebook, police spokesmen said.

The incident occurred after a neighbor called police to complain about the noise coming from the house where the party was being held.

Evidently, the young people who were partying at the home threw stones at at least one police patrol car that came to the site and, later, Diaz was killed by gunfire, presumably from one or more officers, witnesses said.

The police officers who intervened at the party are “under arrest. The number of weapons that were discharged is being investigated,” provincial Security Minister Carlos Aranda told the local press.

“We’re at the beginning of the investigation. Written reports on the weapons still have not been made. There are no injured police officers, just some (patrol cars) that were hit with stones,” he said.

The 11 police officers, all of whom belong to the Special Patrol Unit in the Mendoza district of Godoy Cruz, are being held in jail awaiting questioning by judicial authorities.