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Latino Daily News

Friday June 21, 2013

DEA Agent Killed in Colombia During Robbery Attempt

DEA Agent Killed in Colombia During Robbery Attempt

Photo: Bogota, Colombia

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced one of its agents stationed in Cartagena, Colombia was murdered during a robbery attempt last night in Bogota, Colombia.

Special Agent James “Terry” Watson had dinner with friends at a Bogota restaurant and got into a taxi that was shortly after departure intercepted by another taxi.  Two unidentified men got out of the taxi and pulled Watson out of his taxi.  Watson was then stabbed four times.  Shortly after the incident occurred Bogota police found Watson laying on the street already deceased.

Watson was assigned to Cartagena but was temporarily working in Bogota. The 43-year-old agent had been in the country for about 18 months. 

The most recent travel warning issued by the State Department is from April 11, 2013 warning of violence linked to narco-trafficking, with terrorist and criminal activities remaining a threat throughout the country.  The travel warning does say there have been no reports of U.S. citizens being targeted specifically because of their nationality.

The thirteen year DEA veteran also served on three deployments to Afghanistan conducting dangerous counter-narcotics missions.