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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 11, 2013

Daring Animal Rescue in Bolivia Captured for Film ‘Lion Ark’

Daring Animal Rescue in Bolivia Captured for Film ‘Lion Ark’

Photo: Daring Animal Rescue in Bolivia Captured for Film 'Lion Ark'

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After an undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International led to a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia in 2009, many circuses simply ignored the law. In response, a team from ADI returned to undertake the most ambitious and daring animal rescue anyone has ever attempted, and through in all, the cameras were rolling.

For two years a team of investigators from ADI infiltrated the South American circus industry, filming everything they saw.  The findings shocked a continent.  Bolivia banned animals in circuses. Most people thought that was it, but almost every circus defied the law – it was business and suffering as usual.

The film was created using live action documentary footage, along with commentary and reactions from those involved.

This is not a reconstruction or the fuzzy memories of interviewees, these are the reactions and feelings of the participants captured as events are actually unfolding. A remarkable piece of history.

Lion Ark, which was completed on June 1, 2013, chronicles the team as they track down every circus in defiance of the law to rescue the big cats. In the end, 25 lions were airlifted nearly 5,000 miles away.

Last fall, “Lion Ark Night” was held at the home of James Costa as a fundraiser for ADI. Celebrity guests included Bob Barker, CSI actress Jorja Fox, Corey Feldman, and Dancing with the Stars’ Elisabetta Canalis.

Watch the trailer below.

Operation Lion Ark - Trailer from Mark Whatmore, Yoho Media on Vimeo.