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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 3, 2012

Danny Fornaris Hopes First Album Reaches Many Generations

Danny Fornaris Hopes First Album Reaches Many Generations

Photo: Danny Fornaris

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Puerto Rican singer, musician and producer Danny Fornaris is preparing to launch his first solo album, and he hopes its songs reach many generations with their positive messages.

“I believe that the thing that must be done least now is to foment violence. We need fresh air or a glass of cold water of positive things. We’re at a point where people are thirsty for all that,” the 27-year-old artist told Efe on Tuesday.

In the album, which is expected to hit the market before summer on reggaeton giant Don Omar’s Orfanato Music Group label, Fornaris gives expression to his creative vision ranging from rap to rock.

Fornaris emphasized that Don Omar approved the project because he is “a person who is very open musically.”

“When I sent him the album and he listened to it, he approved it. And the thing that filled me with happiness and satisfaction in that working relationship was that they completely respected my creative vision,” he said.

Fornaris began working with Don Omar in 2005, the same year he contributed to the Latin Grammy-winning debut album of Calle 13.

He explained that he decided to entitled his first solo album “Fornaris” to be a letter of introduction as well as because he recorded it in his own San Juan studio, The Optix