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Saturday April 21, 2012

Dancing With the Stars Find Their Inner Latin Lover with the Samba, Salsa, or Argentine Tango

Dancing With the Stars  Find Their Inner Latin Lover with the Samba, Salsa, or Argentine Tango

Photo: Dancing with the Stars

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Tears were flowing as Sherri Shepherd was eliminated from the competition last week and everyone knows that they aren’t safe. With the performances themed to Latin music, the celebrities have to find their rhythm to impress the judges and America. The heat was turned up even more as Santana performed, bringing even more Latin heat to the dance floor.

Jaleel & Kym
- Samba - After having a lackluster tango, Kym tried to make sure that his scores improved by making sure that Jaleel could shake his goods. I liked the tribal undertones and the fire, but there was something about Jaleel’s face that was really odd; either he was in conversation or he was singing along at points. Kym looked great, but there were points were Jaleel couldn’t focus on the moves versus the performance quality.

Len thought the rhythm was great, but the technique was questionable. Bruno loved the wiggle. Carrie Ann liked the attack and fire in the performance; she warned about his arm placement. Score: 24 (8,8,8)

Melissa & Maks - Salsa - After suffering from a concussion from the tango, Melissa was warned about getting a headache could trigger more problems. The two practiced with a neck brace for a few hours, but Maks warned her about looking like a “grandma.” I didn’t understand the fruit seller concept and Melissa never seemed on beat the whole dance. She looked like she was being dragged around by Maks.

Bruno loved the wild nature, but she was not on the rhythm. Carrie Ann appreciated the confidence, but she noted that she lacked control. Len thought there were rough and untidy moments. Score: 21 (7,7,7)

Maria & Derek
- Salsa - At the halfway point Maria wanted to make sure the two were sexy. Derek was worried about how many tricks the two had. Maria slammed her chin during practice which freaked the two out, but they recovered. I loved that Maria danced with Dr. Drew in the beginning. Derek’s choreography was steamy and while there were a few minor hiccups in arm work and posing, they did a great job.

Carrie Ann thought the upper body was great, but the kissing was a sellout. Len thought Maria’s talent was large. Bruno thought the performance was saucy and hot. Score: 27 (9,9,9)

Katherine & Mark - Argentine Tango - Katherine was convinced that they were in the bottom last week so the two decided to work harder this week. Katherine kicked Mark in the naughty bits in practice. The two danced with a bottle at first, but it was thrown away soon. I thought some of the transitions into lifts were a bit clunky, but the leg-work was amazing.

Len thought the performance was like a rose; a beautiful bud with an inner thorn. Bruno thought the quality was great, but the storytelling was better. Carrie Ann thought the lunges were amazing and she had great legs. Score: 29 (10,9,10)

Gavin & Karina - Samba - After finally not being in the bottom two for a week, they wanted to make sure they had both the duel and samba. Gavin continued to look awkward during the practice. During his concert, he basically begged his audience to vote for him. I liked the boat/island theme. Gavin looked like a strutting chicken during the performance with his neck going everywhere. His arms were flailing and the two missed a pass.

Bruno thought Gavin had a lot of madness and enjoyed the performance. Carrie Ann thought there were a lot of form issues and she appreciated him for trying. Len thought his performance was a “shamba” but he put as much effort in as he could. Score: 19 (6,6,7)

William & Cheryl - Argentine Tango - While the package didn’t cover the injured ankle, it did mention how much William was worried about lifts after the one trick the two did during the jive went wrong. The two danced marvelously as Cheryl choreographed to the beat of the song to really hit the notes with passionate kicks and flicks.

Carrie Ann thought the performance was convincing. Len loved the mood and passion. Bruno said some random words that steamed double entendre. Score: 29 (10,9,10)

Gladys & Tristan - Samba - After some harsh criticism and landing in the bottom, Gladys was motivated to keep going. Gladys had a lot of traveling because of performances and the two continued to practice with the hopes that they didn’t have to make it to the duel. Gladys was excited to perform, but still had a bit of timid motions. I give her credit for trying samba rolls, but they looked awful. She looked like she was walking to different places, but she seemed spirited in the face.

Len loved how natural her musicality was and called the performance simple but effective. Bruno loved the stage presence and the magic she exuded. Carrie Ann thought there were a few mistakes, but she commanded the stage. Score: 22 (7,7,8)

Roshon & Chelsie - Salsa - After landing in the bottom two, the couple was scared and didn’t want to be in the red again. Roshon was a bit goofy and couldn’t merge his inner sex symbol. He decided to copy William Levy in practice and William was laughing in the break room. I loved the theming of the dance even before the performance started and Roshon definitely delivered. I thought the two had really good chemistry and while there was a minor fashion stumble here and there, the two were great.

Bruno loved the energy and turning skills. Carrie Ann loved the mojo and thought the performance was beautiful. Len loved the enthusiasm, but warned him to occasionally calm himself. Score: 26 (9,8,9)

Donald & Peta - Argentine Tango - The two were happy to be in first place, but wanted to work harder to keep in first place. Donald was worried about twists and spins. He studied old Argentine Tango performances and mysteriously became the teacher of the class. I’m not sure exactly why the two were playing cards, but the dance had a great passion. I really liked Peta’s choices of speed and then sensuality. I really loved the choice of lifts and spins and I could watch Peta kick for days.

Carrie Ann thought the two were so smooth during the lift transitions; he was in control. Len agreed with the lifts, but he thought the rest was missing a bit. Bruno thought the buildup was great for the song, but then the walking section interrupted the performance. Score: 27 (10,8,9)

Week 5 Scores

William & Cheryl - 29
Katherine & Mark - 29

Donald & Peta - 27
Maria & Derek - 27
Roshon & Chelsie - 26
Jaleel & Kym - 24

Gladys & Tristan - 22
Melissa & Maks - 21
Gavin & Karina - 19

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