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Monday March 28, 2011

Dallas’ “D Magazine”: Be a True “Dallasite,” Hire a Day Laborer

Dallas’ “D Magazine”: Be a True “Dallasite,” Hire a Day Laborer

Photo: "Hire a day laborer in Dallas," says D Magazine

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Seemingly trying to be light-hearted, yet informative, D Magazine released a list of “Things Every Dallasite Must Do” to call themselves a Dallas local. One thing on the list however, stood out. Hire a day-laborer.

Towards the end of the list, past “Get fake boobs” but before attending the state fair of Texas, is the suggestion of hiring a day laborer. Here is what they said:


“They’ll swarm your car,” would lead some to fear the day laborers like they were cockroaches, and saying that not paying them enough would cause them to scatter “as if our vehicle read ‘INS’” is just plain offensive.

Though the intentions of this list were likely meant to be somewhat fun, this “exploit the day laborer” garb is less than comical.

Additionally, recent Census numbers reveal that Dallas is 43.1 percent Hispanic, so to say this list is about being a true Dallas resident ignores the fact that the magazine’s (likely) intended audience of Non-Hispanic whites only makes up 30.1 percent.