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Monday December 27, 2010

Daley Surpasses Father, Becoming Longest-Serving Chicago Mayor

Daley Surpasses Father, Becoming Longest-Serving Chicago Mayor

Photo: chicago mag -- Mayors Daley

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With 7,918 days in office, Mayor Richard M. Daley has become Chicago’s longest-serving mayor, beating his father by two days today. The family reign will end next year with the current mayor not seeking reelection.  Both Daley mayors having served the city for a total fo 42 years..

Having died in 1976, Richard J. Daley never saw his son become Mayor of Chicago in 1989, but as the budget director for both Mayor Daleys, Edward Bedore says that “the senior was ‘a builder’ and his son ‘completed the house’.”

During his years as mayor, Richard M. has done things to bring the city of Chicago together in ways his father never would have (the senior never would have marched in the Gay Pride Parade). The current mayor is credited with realizing that the white working class was no longer the dominating force of Chicago, and instead created a coalition of Hispanics, African-Americas, business leaders, and “lakefront liberals”.  The current mayor has always enjoyed the support of the city’s Hispanic voters and has counted on their growing numbers to help elect him. 

When Daley steps down from office this coming spring, he will have held the position for 21 years and 8 months.