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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 24, 2011

Cute Overload: White Lion is Born in Colombia (VIDEO)

Cute Overload: White Lion is Born in Colombia (VIDEO)

Photo: Adorable Colombian White Lion

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Her name is “Miracle” and according to Colombian biologists is the first baby white lion to be born in 14 years!

“Miracle” was born in a northern Colombia circus called “Circo Gigante Americano.”

Perhaps due to the lack of pigment in her hair, other lions don’t recognize her as kindred, and she has had to be separated from the other felines, who acted hostile toward her.

“Milagro,” according to biologists called to study her is one in 301 white lions in the world, and it had been 14 years since the last one was born.

Check out the adorable baby lion in the video below!