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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Strange Happenings in the World of Brazilian Soccer: Hero to Zero in 15 secs. (VIDEO)

The goalie for the Brazilian Club Sport Recife became the star of the Brazilian soccer Championship when in the last minute of the game he abandoned his goal, ran across the field, and scored with his head a free kick pass.

With only a few minutes left of make-up time, he went on to celebrate his feat, but he tripped and hurt his knee.

He took his gloves off and was carted out of the field, in what has to be the shortest and most bitter celebration in soccer history.

Who picked up the gloves? Well, the shortest possible player, who despite looking hilariously tiny inside the frame, and in comparison to the large strikers for the other team, was not only able to hold the score 2-1 for the remaining of the game, but also out-jumped most of them in a corner kick and saved the day.