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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 1, 2011

Cucumber Wars: Spain vs Germany

Cucumber Wars: Spain vs Germany

Photo: Spanish Cucumbers cleared in E. coli outbreak

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This might be the year of the ‘pepino’ wars if Spain goes ahead and sues Germany for maligning its cucumbers and questioning the quality. 

As a deadly strain of E.coli gripes Germany, with 16 deaths reported, Spanish cucumbers were quickly identified as the source of the outbreak by German officials.  Not so says Spain and its considering suing Germany for the $288 million that it is losing weekly in lost sales.

When German agriculture officials lay blame specifically on ‘pepinos’ from the Almeria and Malaga regions, all imports of Spanish produce were halted.  Now German officials have cleared the Spanish ‘pepino’ .

It has been proven after exhaustive testing – that though the Spanish cucumbers tested positive for E. coli it was not the strain associated with the outbreak. 

The fallout and economic implications for Spain is great.  After Germany halted importation of Spanish produce, Russia followed suit.  While Italy has put a warning label on the cucumbers and Ireland has removed all Spanish organic cucumbers from their store shelves.