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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 19, 2013

Cuba’s Tech Fair Attracts Lots of Attention from Chinese

Cuba’s Tech Fair Attracts Lots of Attention from Chinese

Photo: Cuba Tech Fair

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Chinese firms such as Haier, ZTE and Huawei are the largest contingent at Cuba’s 15th International Information Technology Fair and Convention.

Spain and Italy are also well represented at the event in Havana.

Companies from China are Cuba’s “strategic allies” in the telecommunications sector, the fair’s executive secretary, Raul Bejerano, said during the opening ceremony.

The fair will showcase products and services that contribute to “technological sovereignty” and to identifying projects favoring regional integration, he said.

The agenda includes the first International Forum on Digital Television, an opportunity to share experiences with the China’s DTMB digital television standard.

Present at the fair’s opening was the deputy director of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, Wu Hao, who said Beijing is “finalizing” the demonstration of DMTB in Havana and will offer Cuba and other Latin American nations assistance in implementing the standard.