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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 3, 2011

Cubans Start Facebook Page Urging an Uprising, Not Many Interested

Several Facebook pages have been created outside of Cuba by Cuban exiles, in hopes of sparking an anti-government protest similar to the one in Egypt, without getting much traction from the islanders.

There is a Facebook page called ‘Por el Levantamiento Popular en Cuba’ (A Populist Uprising in Cuba) that was created on January 26 shortly after uprisings in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and Egypt.  Thus far the effort has only attracted 600 fans.

The Facebook page was created by Cuban exiles living in the Americas in hopes that ‘something spontaneous’ would occur inside the country, however most of the fans are coming from outside the country.  The hope was that Cuban’s would start protesting in Havana and Cuban exiles would stage demonstrations at Cuban consulates in Latin America and Spain in support.

The Cuban government for its part does not appeared very worried, it is not reporting much about the crisis in Egypt on national TV and the country unlike Egypt does not allow internet access for its citizens.  Human rights activists blame the climate of fear that exists in Cuba and the thousands already in prison, as political prisoners for speaking up against the government, as deterrents.  Facebook is officially banned in the country sometime ago.