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Latino Daily News

Monday March 26, 2012

Cuban Plastic Artist, Alexandre Arrechea, Exhibits Work in New York

Cuban Plastic Artist, Alexandre Arrechea, Exhibits Work in New York

Photo: Alexandre Arrechea to exhibit Twisted Horizon collection in New York.

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The Cuban plastic artist, Alexandre Arrechea, is to exhibit his personal collection, called Twisted Horizon, during the whole month of May and until the 7th of April in the Magnan Metz Gallery according to Radio Habana Cuba.

Twisted Horizon is Arrechea’s fourth sample exhibit at the American culture centric galley.  His new series of work has a focal point on the unlikely connections between places and objects, as if to challenge the existence of an alleged link between them.

This artistic viewpoint has led Arrechea to inexorably research more into the field of philosophy.  According to this theory, since the times of ancient oriental culture human beings have constantly been searching for a nexus between surrounding objects and those with which they interact.

The starting point for the young artist tends to be a utilitarian structure such as a bridge or a road.  In general terms his work has been very influenced by architectural references.

Alexandre Arrechea graduated form the Faculty of Fine Arts in Havana’s University of the Arts in 1994. After graduation he joined the artist circle group called the Carpenters till 2003.

His art is now exhibited in the United States and other countries around the world.