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Latino Daily News

Friday February 3, 2012

Cuban Government Once Again Denies Blogger Yoani Sanchez an Exit Visa

Cuban Government Once Again Denies Blogger Yoani Sanchez an Exit Visa

Photo: Yoani Sanchez known for her blog, Generation Y, was again denied her exit visa by the Cuban government.

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The Cuban government has again denied dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez permission to leave the country, which on this occasion she requested for a trip to Brazil where she was invited to the premiere of a documentary.

“No surprises. Again they refused me permission to leave,” Yoani Sanchez tweeted on Twitter, recalling that this is the 19th time Cuban authorities have violated her right to travel abroad.

Sanchez, known for her blog Generacion Y, received the invitation from filmmaker Claudio Galvao da Silva to attend the premiere in Brazil of the documentary “Conexion Cuba-Honduras,” which deals with the repression of freedom of expression on the Caribbean island and during the coup that brought down Honduran President Mel Zelaya in 2009.

The blogger sent a letter earlier to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to take the opportunity of her visit to Havana this week to intercede with Raul Castro on Sanchez’s behalf.

The Brazilian foreign minister awarded the blogger her visa to enter Brazil, but Sanchez was waiting for the Cuban government to grant her an exit visa to go abroad.

In recent years Yoani Sanchez, 35, has been honored with numerous international prizes that she has been unable to receive because the Cuban government has repeatedly refused her permission to leave the country.

The Communist-ruled island is one of a handful of countries that require their citizens to obtain permission to travel abroad.