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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Cuban Cardinal Obtains “Clear Promise” - More Political Prisoners to be Released

Catholic Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino has obtained a “clear promise” from the government of President Raul Castro that eleven more political prisoners will be released very soon.

The Cuban Cardinal has been instrumental in obtaining releases for other political prisoners and is pleased with the news.  The eleven prisoners were said to have refused exile in Spain while others had, so their release was doubtful.  Cuba will now allow them to remain in the country.

The remaining dissident prisoners were part of the “Group of 75” that were jailed seven years ago for speaking up against the government.  Some of those 75 were either paroled for medical reasons, died in prison after going on a hunger strikes and others released with the Cardinal’s help and that of the Spanish government.  51 political prisoners have been exiled to Spain under a deal orchestrated by Cardinal Ortega y Alamino.