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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 18, 2013

Cuban-Born Jorge Bernal Says His Role on “La Voz Kids” is to be a Cheerleader

Cuban-Born Jorge Bernal Says His Role on “La Voz Kids” is to be a Cheerleader

Photo: Jorge Bernal Says His Role on "La Voz Kids" is to be a Cheerleader

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Jorge Bernal describes as a labor of love his role as co-host of Telemundo’s “La Voz Kids,” a Spanish-language version of NBC’s “The Voice” where the contestants are youngsters ages 7-14.

“As host of this show I’ve been able to grow as a human being and take note of the importance of our children, above all of those who have dreams and who do what it takes to achieve them. My role, in my opinion, is not to be a entertainer or a presenter; my role is as a friend, a cheerleader,” he told Efe.

“I’ve been chosen to experience some very nice times along with them, and also some very difficult ones. I’ve had to explain to very small children that unfortunately they will have to leave the competition,” said Bernal, who also hosts “Tu Mañana LIVE!” a syndicated bilingual radio show.

“I feel powerless when I see their faces full of tears and their little heads don’t understand why they were eliminated. It’s impossible not to cry with them!,” Bernal, known for his work on the news magazine show “Al Rojo Vivo,” admitted.

The Havana-born Bernal came to the United States in 1980 at the age of 4 during the Mariel boatlift, and very early on he discovered his talent for the artistic medium. That is why he identifies with the contestants on “La Voz Kids.”

“I remember that when I was around 10 I began to act and imitate members of my family at the family gatherings. I even woke up early to play with a film camera that my dad gave me before going to school,” he said.