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Latino Daily News

Monday November 22, 2010

WTF - Cuban Born Fidel Castro Becomes a U.S. Citizen?

Last week in San Juan de Puerto Rico, Fidel Castro Sotolongo, a native of Cuba, was granted American citizenship by a federal court that could hardly contain their laughter through the Pledge of Allegiance and the monumental irony of it all.

Fidel Castro raised his right hand, and solemnly prayed “I, Fidel Castro hereby declare on oath…” before the entire court lost it to laughter and giggling. Then, Castro moved on to promise to fulfill the duties implicit in his new citizenship, as reported Friday by El Nuevo Dia newspaper in San Juan.

Castro Sotolongo left Cuba with a tourist visa to visit Haiti but it wasn’t until he arrived in Miami that all the jokes and funny situations started. For instance, there was the time when every single immigration official at Wilcox Field left their post to come meet Fidel Castro in person, or the time when his name saved him from a speeding ticket in Puerto Rico; apparently, after seeing the name on his license, the officer told him: “I can’t believe I’m going to slap a fine on Fidel Castro.”

Castro has admitted to interviewers that he doesn’t like his name, and since he arrived in Puerto Rico in January 2002, he has asked people to call him Leo.  We aren’t sure what the real “Fidel” think of the American Fidel or if he considers him just another ‘imperialist Americano’.