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Latino Daily News

Monday September 27, 2010

Cuba Starts to Outline its Small Business Policies

Cuba is starting to outline it plan for small businesses on the island as it phases out 500,000 government jobs over the next six months.  When the government of Raul Castro announced a phase out of many government positions it also announced that the private sector would be bolstered but to what extent was not known.

This weekend Castro announced that Cuban’s could seek self-employment in 178 different occupations such as tutoring, bookkeeping or agricultural food vending.  In addition certain businesses will be allowed to hire employees and other existing business will be able to service more ‘customers’.  The famous “paladares” which are the home restaurants will now be able to service 20 clients per seating instead of 12.

All the new businesses will have to pay sales tax and personal income tax to the government.