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Latino Daily News

Friday December 24, 2010

Cuba Launches Wikileak Site to Highlight how “Imperialist” U.S. Is

Cuba has just launched a new website, Cubadebate.cu, in which it will publish 2,000 U.S. diplomatic cables about Cuba, that have been leaked by Wikileaks.

With most Cuban’s having little to no computer internet access or general news access this could be viewed as a positive but in reality it is just another means by which the Cuban government is trying to embarrass the U.S. 

The site will post the leaked cable’s that show the U.S. criticizing Cuban opposition groups as ‘out of touch’.  Other cables on the site are meant to show the U.S. continuing their “terrorist actions” against the country.  While another set of cable’s reflect conversation’s between U.S. diplomats undermining the power of dissidents and their inability to run the country after the Castro brothers. 

The new website is meant to show the Cuban people that the U.S. continues to meddle where it shouldn’t and that they have little respect for Latin American country’s and the people living there.