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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 1, 2011

Cuba Creates its Own Facebook-Like Social Network

Cuba Creates its Own Facebook-Like Social Network

Photo: Redsocial, new Facebook of Cuba

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“Redsocial,”  the Cuban carbon copy of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network Facebook, is the island’s new “Virtual meeting point for Cuban Universities.”

The government of brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro launched this new social network that is accessible only from Cuba.

The webpage was created by the Cuban Education Ministry, as a way to link together all higher education institutions in the island.

The new Cuban Social Network not only looks and feels exactly like Facebook, but curiously contains the word “Facebook” in it’s domain (facebook.ismm.edu.cu).

According to official data, and despite the government declaring internet for everyone back in 2009, only 2% of Cubans have an internet connection.  This could be why Facebook’s legal team hasn’t coming knocking on the Castro governments door for trademark infringement.