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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 16, 2014

Cuba Calls On Retired Professors to Cover University Deficit

Cuba Calls On Retired Professors to Cover University Deficit

Photo: Cuban universities

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The Cuban government has authorized universities to hire professors already retired in the same positions they had before retiring, in order to cover the existing deficit of educators.

The Council of Ministers’ decision, published in the official gazette, will allow retired university professors to return “by age” to the classroom and be paid the regular salary plus their current pension, which could motivate many to offer their services.

The measure has precedents at other educational levels, to which thousands of retired teachers have returned in recent years.

In 2008, President Raul Castro urged retired teachers to resume their careers and approved a legal framework allowing them to work without losing either their income or their rights as pensioners.

In the case of universities, the government now says that “it has become necessary to ensure the human resources and the infrastructure needed to improve the quality of higher education.”

University education in Cuba currently has 67 institutions and 35,000 instructors and researchers, official media said.

With this ruling, Cuba continues its adjustments to deal with problems in the field of education, once a showpiece of the Cuban Revolution.

In recent years, difficulties in the sector have become a source of controversy on the island, where students represent almost a fifth of the population.


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