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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 29, 2013

Cuba Arrests 3 in School Cheating Case

Two Havana high school teachers and a worker at a printing company were arrested for selling students copies of a mathematics exam prior to the test, Cuba’s official media said Thursday.

The math test was for 11th grade students in the capital and was given several days ago, Communist Party daily Granma said.

When the illicit activity was detected, however, authorities decided to throw out the results and hold a new exam on July 1.

“unscrupulous people, violating their principles, decided to steal an exam with an eye toward profits,” Granma said in an article entitled “The terrible damage of fraud.”

Police arrested the trio in the Cerro neighborhood and the daily said that the situation “cannot be seen as a minor incident.”

“Once again the concept of vigilance and thoroughness is lacking and the conditions are facilitated whereby a worker who has been entrusted with participating in the printing of a test takes a copy and uses it for an illicit business,” Granma said.

The daily said it was worrisome that some parents of students “fell into the trap” and paid for the exam, which was then resold by students, spreading the fraud into other Havana neighborhoods.

Many parents reacted with indignation to the report of the fraud and are demanding that “exemplary measures be taken against those responsible,” Granma said.