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Latino Daily News

Monday November 29, 2010

Critical UN Climate Change Conference Kicks off Today In Cancun, Mexico

Today over 200 nations and their representative gather in Cancun, Mexico for the critical UN Climate Change Conference.  The goal of the conference is to engage nations to reduce negative climate change for the better of society. 

The last conference in Copenhagen resulted in many developed nations, including the U.S., committing to substantially reducing their green house gas emissions, a leading cause of climate change.  In addition, these nations pledged $100 billion annually to assist developing nations reduce their carbon emissions and commit to a green agenda.  Now its time to see how far along these commitment are.

This year, President Obama nor anyone key member of his administration will be attending, which is not a good sign.  They are sending a “climate change envoy” Todd Stern.  The President is getting ready to fight Republicans that are pledging to reverse the current U.S. climate change agenda.

Mexico for its part is ready.  Climate change is suppose to be an personal obsession of President Felipe Calderon.  The country is the only developing nation to have a full inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition the country has an aggressive pollution reduction plan, is building many windfarms and offers green mortgages for those greening their homes.